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The Harmony of Life in Love

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My Projects

Live Swiss Choco


— Premium Raw Chocolate

Premium Raw Food


— Premium Raw Food Factory by Dora Blank

Swiss Music School


— Music Education, Concerts, Workshops, Competitions

Haute Couture Atelier


— Dora Blank Couture



— Live Recipes. Simple Raw Food with Love, Kombucha Forever. Adorable Wellness Drink in Everyday Healthy Life



— Raw Food Workshops

В нашем OxumoronProstranstvo обязательное правило - каждый день стакан смузи или тарелка с


— Thoughts, Ideas, Opinions, Programs, Detox -

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My philosophy

My Space was formed from contradictions and became united in the process of creative and spiritual searches. It was the answer to the question of how life works, what is happiness and what is our true purpose.

I realize though that my knowledge is still rather commonplace and superficial, I realize that my beliefs can transform and change by obtaining this new information.

Today, at this stage of life I believe that:

- LIFE IS EASY, wonderful, charming and harmonious and if you suffer tension, it means you’re going in the wrong direction or doing the wrong thing.

- WE ARE MAGICIANS, the creators of our own life, and we shape our beautiful future by consciously enjoying every single moment of our life.

-WE ARE HARMONIOUS from birth, maintaining the state of lightness and enjoyment helps us to stay like this throughout our life, and we should also help others to experience this sensation.

-LOVE IS THE MAINSPRING of a great and fulfilling life. Only by being in love we can give it away as we can share something only if we have it.



Hinterbergstrasse 34 Steinhausen

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Hinterbergstrasse 34 Steinhausen Switzerland.

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