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My philosophy

“There is nothing more beautiful

than the truth, seeming implausible.”

Stefan Zweig


My Space was formed from contradictions and became united in the process of creative and spiritual searches. It was the answer to the question of how life works, what is happiness and what is our true purpose.

I realize though that my knowledge is still rather commonplace and superficial, I realize that my beliefs can transform and change by obtaining this new information.

Today, at this stage of life I believe that:

- LIFE IS EASY, wonderful, charming and harmonious and if you suffer tension, it means you’re going in the wrong direction or doing the wrong thing.

- WE ARE MAGICIANS, the creators of our own life, and we shape our beautiful future by consciously enjoying every single moment of our life.

-WE ARE HARMONIOUS from birth, maintaining the state of lightness and enjoyment helps us to stay like this throughout our life, and we should also help others to experience this sensation.

-LOVE IS THE MAINSPRING of a great and fulfilling life. Only by being in love we can give it away as we can share something only if we have it.

All my projects, either absolutely new or with a serious business background, or the ones which I’m developing nowadays, are penetrated with my present-day knowledge and comprehension of a harmonious and beautiful life. And with big LOVE.

I know for sure that a person brings to the world only what he is, what he has in his soul and thoughts, and I try every day to become better, warmer, more harmonious and broadcast as much Love and pleasure as possible.​

I invite you to share the joy of learning, to feel the pleasure of a fulfilling healthy life, and the lightness of being in harmony with yourself.


I welcome you to experience the Freedom of Creativity because it’s just this Divine faculty, the ability to create, which makes us, humans, different from all other living beings. It’s just this precious grain of his own self that God gave us so that we could change the world and create new things. AND BE IN LOVE…


History of My Space

The foundations were laid in the early 1980s, the time of self-published books, with the articles by Vladimir Levi, a Soviet philosopher, and therapist. The great contribution was made by literary journals with their wonderful collections of books by Andrey Platonov, Ales Adamovich, Daniil Granin, Kobo Abe, George Orwell, Dale Carnegie, and absolutely American writer, who once and for all encouraged and taught me to keep smiling, whatever the life is, to keep eye contact with the person I speak to and try to be on the same wavelength with him or her. Feodor Dostoevsky, who was a real expert of the black side of a human soul and a great physiognomist, also played a great role. His descriptions of a person's features, an ear, for example, stuck firmly in my immature memory and, afterwards, played a determinative role in choosing my life partner. There was, of course, Chinese and Japanese literature, books by Sigmund Freud, Thomas Jung, Friedrich Nietzsche, David Hawkins.


Even today I can boast of the marvelous collection of books by outstanding Japanese writers and philosophers, the collection which was started in the early 1980s.Those who happened to live at that time and experienced the period of scarcities, will understand its special value for me.

It was followed by all kinds of experiments with my “self” on a physical level: Victor Kandyba, Mirzakarim Norbekov, Alexander Palienko, Valery Sinelnikov, David Hawkins. I took up fasting, meditation, different kinds of purifications (physical and energetic), walked Kora around the Holy Kailash, and even tried urine therapy.

​But each time, at a new stage of my life, I would be inevitably transferred by the Space back to the Source. First, it was in the form of a tiny volume of the Bible, secretly given to me by my grandmother, an Orthodox priest’s daughter. It looked lovely- a beautiful leather cover and fine weightless papyrus paper, a sweet tactile memory from childhood. It was printed by an American Christian publishing house in an attempt to preserve Russian Orthodox tradition on the territory of the Soviet Union. I occasionally tried to read the book- but in vain! It was pointless. There was no chance to get through the translation of the Original Source. Each time I started to read the Bible, I had a feeling of dissatisfaction and total disappointment. But still my intuition prompted me that inside that book there was something to reveal all the secrets. However, the Great Knowledge was hidden properly.

Next time Space gave me an unique chance to meet the great rabbi Adin Steinsaltz and to get acquainted with his books written ''simple” about complex things and books which, in the long run, led me to the Tora and the Talmud. But it didn’t happen all of a sudden and forever. I would start to read the Source, would give it up to come back to it again at a new cycle of my spiritual development, and with a deeper comprehension that the Truths of existence were definitely kept there. But again I would slip away from it. It was hard to believe and accept that all the Knowledge of Existence was confined in this single book.


Finally, one day I was rewarded for my persistence when it opened up before me that it was the Tora where “THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH, SEEMING IMPLAUSIBLE” was kept. The Truth about the essence of our life and how to live it to realize one’s true purpose and potentiality.

I am just at the beginning of my journey to explore a new quality of life, a new way of existence revealed by the study of the Source and creating Love. Every day I get new information to comprehend and think over. Each discussion of a new chapter from Tora, a new commentary to it, and the Midrash contain the precious grain of the true Knowledge.

Aegeristrasse 20 6300 Zug, Switzerland.

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